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explore the outdoors as much as they can such as hiking, camping, and plenty of lengthy walks.

Vanessa Luevano

Vanessa is the first one to come to BunnyBears each morning and make sure that it is clean, organized and welcoming to our families. She makes delicious snacks for our children and helps them with lunches. Children love playing with Vanessa and she always joins children in the community room whenever she has a chance.  Miss Vanessa lives with her husband and two children in La Mesa. She enjoys spending time with her family: going to parks, movies and concerts. She often goes to visit her family in Tecate, Mexico.

Amy Ramsey

Originally from central California, Amy has always enjoyed being with children and admires their inquisitive nature. She began her journey into education through volunteer work with children with special rights at local schools. Upon relocating to San Diego in 2011 with her husband, she worked as a Co-Teacher for 1st grade where she was first introduced to the Reggio Emilia philosophy and Social-Constructivist learning. Amy has now been a part of BunnyBears family since 2012 and has found her true passion in co-constructing education with young children and preserving their sense of wonder.  Amy received her Early Childhood

“I truly enjoy working with children of all ages and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. For me, the most rewarding part of it is being able to look back and see how far each child has come, how they’re each becoming their own unique person, and knowing that I’ve helped in some way.”

“Children are so passionate, innocent, loving, curious, smart and forgiving… They are so much more than we think they are. Their theories and investigations of their surrounding world show us how much they are capable of; all we have to do is to support their investigations and explore those theories with them…”

Egle Athari

BunnyBears preschool founder, Egle Athari, is a strong advocate for early childhood education. She has BA in Social Pedagogics and Psychology and Early Childhood Education Certificate. Egle not only loves working with young children, but truly cares for their best interests. She values children and sees them as capable and confident individuals. Because of that reason Reggio Emilia Philosophy is very close to her heart. Originally from Lithuania, Egle moved to Los Angeles CA in 2002 where she attended Santa Monica College. After moving to

Meet the BunnyBears Teachers

BunnyBears Preschool

Like a true San Diegan, Donna loves the outdoors, spending time on the beach, hiking or walking trails. She adores spending time with her nephews and the rest of her large family!

Jennifer Ortega

Jennifer was born in Virginia and raised in Los Angeles; she came to San Diego in 2010 to pursue a higher education. Jennifer is currently a child development student at Cuyamaca College working towards SDSU child development program. She’s been volunteering with children at schools and community centers since high school.

radiates through her patience, love and knowledge accumulated throughout the years. Amanda has now found peace in her career choice as she wakes up every morning excited to teach. She is currently extending her education at Grossmont College studying Child Development. She obtained her Spiritual Doula certification in 2016 and loves to explore different ways to live a healthy life style in her free time. 

Amanda Howard

After attending Cal State Fullerton for three years and studying towards a Public Relations degree, Amanda felt unfilled in her career choice. This uneasiness caused her to move back home to San Diego and find her passion. Shortly after this transition, Amanda found her passion while volunteering at her local church’s Sunday school: working with children. The San Diego native has been working with children in various settings as an in home nanny, Catholic teacher and now a Reggio inspired teacher here at BunnyBears. She truly believes children are capable beings with thoughts and ideas that should be absorbed. Her passion

San Diego in 2007, Egle opened her home to the neighborhood families. BunnyBears in Home Preschool became a special place for many families. In February of 2014 BunnyBears made its move to a dedicated preschool space.  Egle lives with her husband in La Mesa. She is an active runner and hiker; Egle loves winter sports, beach and water activities. Growing up in Lithuania Egle played basketball.

Donna Alcala

Donna was born in Los Angeles CA but, moved to San Diego during early childhood. She is attending Cuyamaca College on her way to transfer to San Diego State University with a passion for English, Literature, and Biology! Her interest in helping others learn began early in high school when she became a bilingual peer tutor. This sparked a curiosity to work with young children and she started to work childcare for her local church. A few years later seeing the excitement and energy coming from BunnyBears Donna joined her twin sister to co-teach the caterpillar class and added Child Development Classes to her busy Academic schedule. 

philosophies. When Cassie is not with children she loves being outdoors, going on hikes, camping, and going to the beach!  

Cassie Treglia

Cassie grew up in Connecticut and moved out to California three years ago. She has always had a passion to work with kids and since early age knew that she wanted to be a teacher. In Connecticut, Cassie attended Sacred Heart University for three years and now she is attending Grossmont/Cuyamaca College. Cassie will be transferring to SDSU next year to finish her Bachelors in Early Childhood Education. Prior to BunnyBears, Cassie has worked in daycares and as an ABA therapist which really got her interested in the different teaching 

certification from Grossmont College and is currently working towards her Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education. When she is not engaging with children, Amy enjoys spending time with her husband, indulging in good books and great wines, and taking advantage of life's spontaneity.

The dedicated teachers who work at BunnyBear are young professionals who are continuously seeking growth through school classes, workshops and daily reflections in their work environment. They are all first aid and CPR certified and have their early education credentials.

Denise Alcala Perez

Denise was born in Los Angeles and came to San Diego at an early age. She began to take a few courses at Cuyamaca college in Child development out of curiosity and the desire to become a better informed parent. This blossomed to her passion in the early education field. She is now on her way to transferring from Cuyamaca College to San Diego State University to pursue a Bachelors Degree in child development.  Ms. Denise is a mother of two wonderful boys. Angel is six years old and Michael is one year old. Together they enjoy to